Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Valenzuela, A. (1999). Subtractive Schooling. Caring about school and feeling cared about.

Valenzuela, A. (1999). Subtractive Schooling: US-Mexican Press Youth and the Politics of Caring. New York: SUNY.

How teachers and students are oriented to each other is central to Noddings's (1984) framework on caring. In her view, the caring teacher's role is to initiate relation, with engrossment in the student's welfare following from this search for connection. Noddings uses the concept of emotional displacement to communicate the notion that one is seized by the other with energy flowing toward his or her project and needs. A teacher's attitudinal predisposition is essential to caring, for it overtly conveys acceptance and confirmation to the cared-for student. When the cared-for individual responds by demonstrating a willingness to reveal her/his essential self, the reciprocal relation is complete. At a school like Seguin, building this kind of a relationship is extremely difficult-for both parties. Even well-intentioned students and teachers frequently find themselves in conflict.

p. 24
Thus, an obvious limit to caring exists when teachers ask all students to care about school while many students ask to be cared for before they care about.

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