Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Six Types of Educators according to KQED

From KQED.org:
Have you ever wondered what type of educator you might be? Are you a Teacher 2.0, a Motivator, or a Scholar? Maybe you’re more of a Social Justice Champion, a Cultivator, or a Project Planner? Take the quiz to discover your teacher type and refresh your teaching skills in time for the upcoming school year by signing up for KQED Teach. https://ww2.kqed.org/education/2016/07/08/what-type-of-21st-century-educator-are-you/

Six Types of Educators
  1. Teacher 2.0 - You're constantly looking for new tools and solutions to apply to the classroom. You believe that digital literacy is the most important skill students need for the future. Some of your key values include technology literacy, adaptability, creativity, collaboration, communication, and media literacy.
  2. Motivator - You focus on activating intrinsic motivation in students and inspiring students to be self-directed learners in order to prepare them for professional and personal challenges. Some of your key values include flexibility, self-direction, intrinsic motivation, tenacity, and resilience.
  3. Scholar: You value traditions and knowledge in your content area. Your lessons focus on building essential academic skills to prepare students for college. Some of your key values include cultural literacy, traditional literacy skills, accountability, and mastery of content knowledge.
  4. Social Justice Champion: Your lessons focus on a critical examination of society, institutions, and authority in order to empower students to lead change. Some of your key values include initiative, leadership, cross-cultural skills, global awareness, civic literacy, and media literacy.
  5. Cultivator: Your lessons focus on students social and emotional well-being. You make assignments personal, ensure all students needs are being met, and value reflection and emotional growth. Some of your key values include student health and well being, self-awareness, social skills, and resilience.
  6. Project Planner: You value deep learning experiences in order to make content relevant to your students. You consistently promote active engagement with real-world problems in your lessons. Some of your key values include critical thinking, problem solving, self-direction, collaboration, and producing for an authentic audience.

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